Title: The Spirit of the Forest.
Materials: 3D modeling, motion capture
Dimensions: video
Year: 2018 - 2019

“The Spirit of the Forest” is an interdisciplinary new media art work of a group collaboration. This work integrated art, music and dance by capturing the dancer’s movements and transforming the actions into a model. The modeling, rendering and environment of this work was created by professor Zhang Xiaohong of the University of Wisconsin, United States. Character movement capturing and animation were completed by professor Bill Miller who is a colleague of Professor Zhang. The modern dancer Ying Xu performed the motions of this art work.

Today we live in a world of ecological imbalance, pollution, and climate change. “The Spirit of the Forest” intentionally promotes human awareness of environmental protection and sustainability by embodying the beauty and power of nature. Human beings and nature should form the unity of lives. The object of this work is in line with the theme of this exhibition, “Sharing and coexistence." Forests and prairies are the natural habitats shared by people and other life forms all over the world since the beginning of civilization. Sustaining the Mother Earth is a matter we all need to attend to now.

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